Different water punching bag types and brands exist in the market. The different bags are best suited for varying purposes. For instance, the aqua punching bag is best for fitness facilities and home use. You can find these quality and unique fitness bags at Alibaba. Each type of punching bag available provides users with different resistance and experiences. Thus, it would help if you understood the water punching bag types available.

What water punching bag types exist in the market?

Since everybody buys something with expectations, knowledge of the various punching bags available is crucial whenever you decide to own one. It will help you determine which bag you can handle well. It also gives you an idea of what these bags look like and their advantages. Here is a simple guide to the punching bag types you can find in the market.

Free-standing heavy-punching bag

The heavy-punching bag is the best for strength training. One of its main benefits is that it is not excessively robust and stable. The free-standing bag consists of a round base that allows for portability. It is easy to use, and you can store it anywhere you wish. Also, the free-standing punching bag is best for kicking workouts. Practicing facilities and many homes have these bags for routine workouts. You can expect awesome benefits upon purchase and utilizing them.

Teardrop punching bag

The punching bag has a teardrop shape that differs in width. These are the easiest to identify bags, thanks to their shape. A wide bag is more heavy compared to a slim one. Slim punching bags are best for head defense and movements as they swing better. On the other hand, a heavier teardrop punching bag is best for power-throwing. One of the primary merits of the bag is that it is the best choice if you are that person who always throws in several types of punches.

Speedball punching bag

A speed ball’s primary function is to increase the coordination between your eye and hands. It allows for enhanced conditioning to take place. A speedball is usually wall-mounted and inflated. When you punch it, it quickly swivels and bounces back. The more air or water the punching bag has, the faster it will be. Also, the more power you use, the faster it will be. Thus, you need to have excellent footwork and react quickly.

A standard hanging punching bag

The standard hanging punching bag provides users with suspension freedom as one can mount it on ceilings or walls. Provided the space you set the punching bad doesn’t alter your comfort or interfere with the effectiveness of the training, have it placed anywhere. The bags are best for small workout areas as they save floor space. You can use them for kicking and punching. They are also suitable for hooks and straight punches.

Bottom Line

The different punching bag types available are best for varying workout types. Various individuals have varying workout needs. Thus, before you purchase the punching bags, ensure you know the type best for you. Also, consider your room area space. Aqua punching bags sold at Alibaba remains the best.


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