Early in the 18th century, in France, corduroy first became popular. The size of the “wale” is referred to as the fabric’s width. Therefore, generally speaking, the breadth of the wale is thicker the lower the wale number. Since the wale will fluctuate in size depending on the lighting, the broader the wale, the more slender you will appear. Here are some essential details you should be aware of when wearing cord clothing in a way that works with any circumstance, broken down piece by piece.

A Tweed Jacket

Wearing a cord jacket and making sure it’s well-cut to prevent a 70s cliché are the keys to making corduroy appear nice and create a laid-back effect.

Choose a lamb wool collar to add further embellishments to the outfit and to give it a visual boost of additional warmth.

Blazers In Corduroy

The blazer is substantially more formal in comparison to the cord jacket. The corduroy is thick and hefty, and it expands silhouettes easily, as was already said. So you can genuinely select a larger or loose-fitting form without appearing to have gained some weight.

A corduroy suit will be a great wardrobe essential to help you stand out from the crowd. Just make sure to keep the rest of it straightforward and focus on the suit. Wearing a pink suit can convey a girly, pleasant vibe while yet looking stylish. The traditional hues like tan, brown, green, and navy are also options; any of them can look beautiful in cord form.

Corduroy Pants

A wide-leg or slightly flared shape will look fantastic with the baggy corduroy pants. For a casual look or a chic feminine mood, pair it with a plain white T-shirt or an oversized striped shirt. Another great item to give contrast and depth to an outfit is the corduroy overall. Women’s basic denim overalls can be updated with corduroy versions for a retro look in your daily wear.

Corduroy Skirt

A skirt with cords is a necessity to convey a romantic air. To trim your legs and emphasize the lines of your legs, make sure it isn’t too long or too short; only a little skin should be shown.

Any outfit will look great in an a-line or midi shape; just keep it simple and pair it with a women’s white top or some airy knitwear for effortless chic.

A Tweed Shirt

Obviously, when we mention corduroy, a corduroy shirt isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But it is undeniable that it will be the item to give our clothing some texture. For an outfit with a street vibe, pair your cord shirt with a skirt or pair of jeans. Additionally, they look great with Chelsea boots or ankle boots.

Accessory Corduroy

A cable cap can add some character to your outfit and make a statement. Additionally, “it’s more like a great bridge between smart and informal, merging the baseball cape’s sporting heritage with the refined feel of corduroy” says Rachel Morgans, director of buying at Topman. Keep it simple with dark hues or traditional white, such as a basic white t-shirt or tanned clothing. Another excellent option to keep things special and peaceful is the corduroy bag. It is available in casual styles and is significantly simpler to wear.


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