A bucket seat is a type of automobile seat designed for one person, whereas a bench seat is designed for multiple people. To put it another way, bucket seats are more like an easy chair for cars than a bench seat that is more like a sofa.

A new trend in car seating has emerged in recent years, with many drivers opting to replace their front bench seats with a pair of buckets or upgrade their current bucket seats to something classier.

In many people’s minds, removing the old seat and replacing it with the new one is a simple process. Retrofits, on the other hand, don’t always go smoothly. In fact, the majority of them necessitate extensive forethought.

Before agreeing on a seat exchange, we came up with a list of things to keep in mind. If you don’t pay attention to even one of these, you could find yourself in a pickle.

OEM or Aftermarket: Which is Better

Seating options are plentiful in the aftermarket, but a donor vehicle’s original seats are the best option in many cases. Additionally, OEM seats are more readily available, which means that repairs can be completed easily and at a lower cost than aftermarket seats. You can save money by purchasing used seats from a salvage yard. Before purchasing, make certain they work properly and are in good condition.

Potential Problems With Bucket Seats

You should remember that bucket seats sourced from vehicles with two or four seats do not tilt forward. When working on a coupe with a back seat, this is especially important. Passengers will find it difficult to get into the back cabin if the seats do not tilt forward. Your customer will be livid.

The Importance of Accessories

Airbags, integrated seat belts, lumbar support, heaters, and coolers are just a few features that are now standard on many new seats. Your customer may prefer to keep some of these features while removing others. If you can narrow down your search for the perfect replacement seat ahead of time, you can save your client time and money.

The Seat Tracks

Choosing the right set of bucket seats for cars hinges on finding the right seat tracks. In an ideal world, the seats would be able to be installed in the vehicle with minimal alterations. Sadly, this isn’t always the case because bolt patterns are different, and floorboards have uneven surfaces.

Some people prefer electric while others are manual track systems. Electric seats can be wired easily if the control switches are located on the door panel rather than the seats themselves.

Regardless of how much fabrication is required for the tracks, try to finish the work before beginning the upholstery process. Otherwise, the fabric could be damaged.

How the Bucket Seats Fit

It’s critical to compare the new seats to the old ones in terms of their dimensions. The driver’s ability to see over the dashboard may also be affected by fit issues, such as head and leg room, steering wheel clearance, and console clearance. Try out the seat before you buy it, if possible.

These factors will help you plan a successful seat swap and ensure that your customers get the most out of the service you’re providing them.


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